Freebsd 5.3 / c4b / capi4hylafax / hylafax MSN problem

Thomas Wintergerst Thomas.Wintergerst at
Sun Jan 23 10:23:34 PST 2005

Hi Joachim,

Joachim Böddeker wrote:
> Hi.
> I hav some trouble to get the combination of
> Freebsd 5.3, c4b, capi4hylafax and hylafax to work together correctly. (all current versions)
> This runs with an AVM-B1-PCI.
> Basically it works, but I have some trouble regarding the MSNs.
> 1. Incoming MSN is not working.
> "c2faxrecv -v" prints out the correct called number, but regardless of it, the B1 accepts the call (even if it is not in
> IncomingMSNs).
> If I use AcceptGlobalCalls=0, then I receive
> Workaround is:
>   AcceptSpeech=0
>   AcceptGlobalCalls=1
> It would be nice to get the following working:
>   IncomingMSNs=xxx,yyy,zzz
>   AcceptSpeech=(0|1)
>   AcceptGlobalCalls=0

AFAIK this is a known problem of the capi4hylafax part. Jan Stocker (one 
of the Cc:s of this mail) is working on it (or wants to as soon if he 
has time for ist).

> 2. Outgoing MSN is not working
> Regardless of what is entered as OutgoingMSN, the fax is always send with the standard MSN (which should is unknown on the FreeBsd
> Server). The reason could be that an empty caller id is sent?
> No Workaround yet.

As You wrote in Your following mail this now seems to work. If it does 
not work, there are some cases that may lead to signaling the "base" MSN 
of Your line.

- If You do not specify any sender number, the switch You are attached 
to will report Your "base" MSN to the called party. The same is true for 
sender numbers that do not belong to Your line of have an invalid format.

- For a local PBX You normally have to use internal MSNs. The external 
MSNs have to be linked to the internal ones through the PBX configuration.

Maybe a CAPI trace (application level) could shed some light on what 
capi4hylafax is really sending to the line with the Connect-Request message.


Thomas Wintergerst

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