how dangerous would it be to switch to 5.1-current?

Gary Jennejohn garyj at
Wed Nov 19 16:02:06 PST 2003

"un1du2el" writes:
> I've just tried to use an isppp setup with 5.1-R and the same thing 
> happens. In fact it fails on first attempt, dials a second time, the 
> connection is closed from the other side and the nothing ever happens 
> again (no dialouts etc.).
> Attached is a redirected log output from isdnd.
> I use this card:
> isic0 at port 0x1b00-0x1b1f,0x16e0-0x16ff,0x6e0-0x6ff,0xee0-0xeff, 
> 0x1300-0x131f,0x300-0x31f,0xb00-0xb1f irq 5 flags 0x4 on isa0
> isic0: passive stack unit 0
> isic0: AVM A1 or Fritz!Card Classic
> The same setup works perfectly with 4.9-R.

If you do spppcontrol does it show the correct values for your
access information (password, user-name, etc.)? I just used my
ifpi2 under -current yesterday with no problems whatsoever.

Gary Jennejohn / garyj[at] gj[at] gj[at]

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