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Ken Smith kensmith at cse.Buffalo.EDU
Wed Jun 25 10:35:12 PDT 2003

On Wed, Jun 25, 2003 at 06:11:59PM +0100, Josef Karthauser wrote:

> Ok, here's another thought then.  I've been running the uk.FreeBSD.org
> name space for many years.  We've currently got a handful of web, cvsup
> and ftp mirrors.   We also have a number of other entries in the DNS to
> handle local servers (storm.uk.freebsd.org) and local email
> user at uk.freebsd.org as well as a subdomain that the UK FreeBSD user
> group use.  If uk.FreeBSD.org gets sucked back into a central administration
> am I going to get the same level of support for changes to the name
> space as we do at the moment, or will we be forced to drop our "extra"
> stuff because we're the only ones that do it?

IMO this would be one of the things that would prompt dnsadm@ to do a
delegation, and it's what I meant by making these decisions on the
merits of DNS issues instead of other issues.  In this scenario either:

	- you be one of the recipients of all mail sent to dnsadm@
	  and you act on anything coming in for uk.freebsd.org.  The
	  list of people allowed to make valid requests is very short
	  (the www, cvsup, and ftp coordinators) so you have relatively
	  little checking to do.

	- the folks who do receive dnsadm@ email know you're handling
	  uk.freebsd.org and bump any requests for that to you

Which of those is best depends on things like volume of email to dnsadm@
and that sort of thing, sorry I don't know if that's an issue or not.

Your request to take over the delegation would be exactly analogous to
a site making the request to become a mirror site to the mirror site
coordinator, though in this case it is dnsadm@ who are viewed as the
coordinator.  They decide if you seem to know what you are doing, if
you seem to have the necessary infrastructure, and they set up what
they view to be the proper set of procedures for the communication
amongst you all.  If you do not live up to your responsibilities they
revoke the delegation (sorry, I'm not suggesting you would).  The
"extras" you provide are not FreeBSD.org-wide by definition so the
fact there is no central flow for those things is a non-issue and
the folks who expect the extras are by definition beholden to you for

You are a case where there is a strong regional organization and I don't
think there is a need for you to suffer but at the same time I don't think
places that do not have a strong regional organization should be ignored.
And, again sorry but you offered to be an example, if you were to disappear
uk.freebsd.org simply gets sucked back into the central nameservers with
zero other issues needing to be addressed.  They'd even presumably have
a file resulting from a zone transfer that could become the master file
if for some reason your disappearance was so sudden there was no warning
at all.  Since you don't exist any more the extras you were providing
also disappear but that's to be expected.

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