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Josef Karthauser joe at FreeBSD.org
Wed Jun 25 10:12:08 PDT 2003

On Wed, Jun 25, 2003 at 11:24:43AM -0400, Ken Smith wrote:
> Worse, someone notices ftp345.foo.freebsd.org stopped carrying FreeBSD.
> Who do they complain to?  The DNS folks?  The DNS folks could then complain
> to the *site* which might or might not result in a reply.  Assuming they
> really aren't interested in carrying FreeBSD any more how do the DNS
> folks respond to that?  Remove ftp345 without telling anyone else?
> Probably not good - maybe the regional coordinator could have had a
> replacement.  Is there a regional coordinator for ftp?  If you are hosting
> multiple country codes do you know all of the regional coordinators?

Ok, here's another thought then.  I've been running the uk.FreeBSD.org
name space for many years.  We've currently got a handful of web, cvsup
and ftp mirrors.   We also have a number of other entries in the DNS to
handle local servers (storm.uk.freebsd.org) and local email
user at uk.freebsd.org as well as a subdomain that the UK FreeBSD user
group use.  If uk.FreeBSD.org gets sucked back into a central administration
am I going to get the same level of support for changes to the name
space as we do at the moment, or will we be forced to drop our "extra"
stuff because we're the only ones that do it?

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