Porting PathScale's EKOPath Compiler Suite

"C. Bergström" cbergstrom at pathscale.com
Fri Sep 9 16:47:25 UTC 2011

  On 09/ 9/11 10:53 PM, arrowdodger wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 9, 2011 at 2:11 AM, Jung-uk Kim<jkim at freebsd.org>  wrote:
>> I have done preliminary porting work of PathScale's open-sourced
>> EKOPath Compiler Suite (https://github.com/pathscale).
>> http://people.freebsd.org/~jkim/ekopath-devel.tar.bz2
>> This includes experimental OpenMP support and PathDB.  Unfortuntely,
>> PathDB builds fine but just crashes ATM.  Both options are turned off
>> by default for now.  Although it seems working fine for many
>> non-trivial C/C++/Fortran sources, please do not use it for any
>> serious project because I have seen few internal compiler errors and
>> crashes.  Be aware of ugly hacks! ;-)
>> I just wanted to share it now because it was on the WantedPorts list
>> on Wiki for a while.  If anyone with more clues want to pick it up
>> from here, please feel free.
>> Cheers,
>> Jung-uk Kim
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> I've tried to build your port on 8-STABLE and got this:
> [ 30%] Generating
> pscrt-static-x86_64/memcpy_em64t_c.o
> Error: Invalid target group option
> -TARG:processor=nocona
> !!! DevWarn during Reading WHIRL file: TODO: implement *skip* option
> !!! DevWarn during Reading WHIRL file: IPA_NODE::Skip is not yet implemented
> After removing CPUTYPE=nocona from /etc/make.conf i got:
> [ 45%] Generating openmp-static-x86_64/thread_c.o
> /usr/home/arr/ports/ekopath-devel/work/path64-suite/compiler/compiler/src/libopenmp/thread.c:
> In function 'gettid':
> /usr/home/arr/ports/ekopath-devel/work/path64-suite/compiler/compiler/src/libopenmp/thread.c:74:
> warning: implicit declaration of function 'thr_self'
> /usr/home/arr/ports/ekopath-devel/work/path64-suite/compiler/compiler/src/libopenmp/thread.c:
> In function '__pmp_thread_create':
> /usr/home/arr/ports/ekopath-devel/work/path64-suite/compiler/compiler/src/libopenmp/thread.c:515:
> error: 'MAP_ANONYMOUS' undeclared
Why do I feel like I'm not being heard at all?

Do you people want to work with upstream and get your issues resolved or 
not?  If so report bugs to *upstream* and please send any patches for 

http://bugs.pathscale.com # New JIRA and not 100% tested for community
https://github.com/path64/compiler/issues # Github issues sucks, but 
there's people watching this space

We also have mailing lists, irc and you can even bug me if you need 
help/have questions


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