Why not give git a try? (was "Re: [head tinderbox] failure on amd64/amd64")

Julian H. Stacey jhs at berklix.com
Mon Jan 24 22:17:57 UTC 2011

> They both support pretty much the same feature set; here's a cute but 
> dated comparison:
> http://importantshock.wordpress.com/2008/08/07/git-vs-mercurial/

	Table of features comparing SVN HG GIT MTN 

	section Development resources (near base of page)
		Clickable to docs on Mercurial & HG & Git etc.

Anyone having info not documented there already, could help by
contributing there ?
Maybe add another tool column or add another attribute row, whatever ?

	I'm not an author, just a reader, no opinion on one over
	the other, but that table seems a central place to work
	toward informed choice ?

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