To sendmail or to postfix that is the question?

Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Wed Mar 10 18:40:02 UTC 2010

> > 3.1. POP / IMAP support?
> about), Dovecot for POP3 and IMAP, and Roundcube for webmail.

My servers use:
- sendmail, I've not tried things such as qmail.
	One doesnt generally have to futz much with .cf files,
	(but its useful to look at & tweak the easy bits, even if some
	 of the lower rules are magic not for mortals ;-)
	Sendmail uses .mc via m4 (I keep all my .mc in a single .cpp)

- /usr/ports/mail/openwebmail for webmail
	I'm happy with it, but I've not tried others.

- /usr/ports/mail/popd /usr/local/libexec/popd
	(Installed but not tried popt-1.7_1 qpopper-2.53_5)
  With /usr/ports/mail/popd on 3 servers
	1 x FreeBSD-6.3 popd-2.2.2a_4 
	2 x FreeBSD-7.2 popd-2.2.2a_4
	I have definately received periodic data corruption, but
	never tracked it down to report it, I first noticed
	on multi meg gpg bins that wouldnt decrypt (prob one doesnt
	notice when people send eg pictures or .pdf or .wmv )

PS 1
I have notes on SASL with URLs to other pages.
& I run majordomo, 'cos long ago I got bitten by & reported a bug in mailman 
that would lock up a slowish server.

I guess maybe this thread might have better started on isp at,
but too late to move there now I suppose.

You've raised interesting questions, I look forward to reading what others use.

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