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Peter Jeremy peterjeremy at
Wed May 14 07:17:34 UTC 2008

On 2008-May-13 22:06:21 +0100, James Mansion <james at> wrote:
>And is the objection to SQL such the sqlite is really out of the running?

There is no specific objection to SQL.  There is a general objection
to adding more utilities to the base system unless a _very_ good case
can be made for including them.  So far, no-one has made a compelling
reason to include SQLite (or other SQL engine) into the base system.

SQLite does appear to be a potential candidate for the base system -
the license is acceptable and it is relatively small.  On the downside,
SQLite is currently undergoing rapid development - at a rate much
faster than FreeBSD can comfortably accomodate.

>Anyway, in this case, would writing an RPC server to own the data kill the 

That depends on how everything is implemented.  It doesn't really
solve the underlying problem that a database is needed.

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