SMP initialisation changes 6.1-PRERELEASE and 6.1-RELEASE?

Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Wed Jan 3 16:31:02 UTC 2007

"Steven Hartland" wrote:
> > If you have old bins & kernel & src/, or spare old boot partition, or
> > another 6.1-PRERELEASE host to cross compile from: also worth
> > building another 6.1-PRERELEASE kernel, to see its perhaps a build
> > system or hardware problem ?  Or a loader.conf or kernel conf before
> > that disabled dual maybe, & got swept away in upgrade ?
> I still have the old PRERELEASE kernel which works just fine even with
> the new world.
> Unfortunately I dont have the old src with which to compare builds,
> never had any problems before and didn't even consider maintaining
> as it was only PRERELEASE -> RELEASE :(

I looked in my CD collection, & on ftp.freebsd - No.
No tag in CVS/src/Makefile (the re@ team use that other non CVS )
I guess re at freebsd can export you a tree though.
Not on:

Good luck
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