Forcing boot to seek for files on other parition then `a'

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Sat Sep 10 16:11:00 PDT 2005

Re Mike,

Sunday, September 11, 2005, 12:56:18 AM, you wrote:

> Daniel Gerzo <danger at> typed:
>> Ahoj omyl Mike,
>> Sunday, September 11, 2005, 12:19:20 AM, si odoslal:
>> > Daniel Gerzo <danger at> typed:
>> >>   How to force boot procedure to automatically seek boot images on
>> >>   other partition then `a', let's say on `e' one.
>> > If you google the archives at FreeBSD, you'll find that this is a
>> > PITA, assuming it's possible at all. No particular reason for it, just
>> > not something anyone has ever wanted to do. Someone may have fixed
>> > this since the last time I saw it discussed, but I wouldn't bet on it.
>> > So the fix is to boot on the fixit CDROM, fire up bsdlabel on your
>> > disk, and change the "e" to an "a", and boot off the a partition.
>> oh, you know that dedicated boxes doesn't have CD-ROM and FreeBSD ISO
>> in it, and I don't have a roam KVM available? Also, there's no netboot
>> server available :/

> Sorry about that - I didn't read your message carefully enough.

>> So maybe I could hack sys/boot/i386/boot2/boot2.c somehow?, but I'm not
>> a C knowledgeable and it's little bit mess for me.

> Well, if you can get the disk someplace where you could install a
> recompiled boot loader, then you can use bsdlabel on it.

Well, I actually can install a recombiled boot loader, can't I? I have
sources and I can use bsdlabel -B ad0s1 then. but now the question is:

which changes do I need to proceed so that the boot(8) will seek for
boot images in `e' partition?

>         <mike

  Daniel Gerzo

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