Linksys PCM200

Ketrien I. Saihr-Kenchedra ketrien at
Wed Nov 17 18:20:18 GMT 2004

On Wed, 17 Nov 2004, Richard Schilling wrote:

> I still get watchdog timeouts, and eventually a kernel panic which seems
> to be related.  Is there an additional patch to the 5.2 code that I can
> apply to take care of the watchdog timeout?

That's odd, to say the least. I looked at the patch, and really all it
does is get dc(4) to pick up the PCM200. Can you possibly check and make
absolutely sure it's an ADMtek AL985 on the card? Also, what PHY is on the
card?  Maybe Linksys -did- use two different chips with the same PCIIDs.
(That'd be -real- fun...)

-Ketrien I. Saihr-Kenchedra

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