Where is FreeBSD going?

Gary W. Swearingen underway at comcast.net
Thu Jan 8 18:13:57 PST 2004

"M. Warner Losh" <imp at bsdimp.com> writes:

> Ryan Sommers <ryans at gamersimpact.com> writes:
> : Something like this might also jeopardize the
> : project's "not for profit" status.
> The project is not a legally incorporated entity at this time, and
> never has been in the past.

And yet the "Legal" page carries a claim of copyright for "The FreeBSD
Project" and the "Copyright" page has that plus a similar claim for
"FreeBSD, Inc."  (For 2004, even.)  I've not seen a US statute about
false copyright claims, but I think it would be less risky to say "all
intellectual property is owned by its owners", in the manner of some
trademark statements.  The "Legal" page could tell about using CVS to
determine who owns what so they can be tracked down and asked if the
copyright page is correct about what license they've got it under.  :)

Whether the project is "for profit" depends upon the definition, if
the project is claiming copyright ownership, because gains of
intellectual property is considered (by US copyright law, at least) to
be a financial gain.  But lots of organizations, formal and informal,
have financial gains without problems with being considered "for
profit", so if someone sees "for profit" problems, they should be
specific about what the problems might be.

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