FreeBSD mail list etiquette

Kip Macy kmacy at
Sat Oct 25 12:55:28 PDT 2003

> There is also a problem in that the dirty work, even if done in a
> way that demonstrates that the person has skills, is not always
> recognised as important. The recognition has to come from within
> that part of the developer community that has commit bits, because
> you need someone with a commit bit to actually commit the stuff. If
> noone with a commit bit recorgnises the dirty work as important,
> it's not going to be committed and the person who has done the dirty
> work is not recognised as someone who is worthy of a commit bit
> because none of his work has been committed.

I think this perfectly underscores, if not restates, Terry's point. He
doesn't believe sufficient value is placed on the "dirty work". The
following will sound as if it were intended to be ironic, but it isn't.
Those working in the DragonFly tree, all appreciate Hiten's hard work as a
"bottle-washer". We've benefited from the fact that members of the FreeBSD
community, through racist remarks and endless flames, and a key member of
core, through the indefinite postponement of a commit-bit, have alienated
him. Thus providing us with a, perhaps small, but nonetheless, valuable


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