Preliminary gbde performance patchset

Jason Stryker jstryker at
Fri May 30 00:37:04 PDT 2003

Hello hackers,

I've finished testing my first set of performance patches for gdbe. After
some testing
it seems to work ok. The performance gain is about 15% on i386 and
sparc64. Other systems
haven't been tested yet, but I encourage all of you to test and give
feedback. There's a
weird bug in SMP systems that I haven't been able to fully track down.
Sometimes gbde will
fail to attach on systems with more than 1 CPU. Fortunately, it's

Fetch the patch from here:

The patch should apply cleanly on any recent -CURRENT. Sorry, it won't
work on 5.0-R
It's my first patch against the kernel code, so expect a few
non-BDE-complying mistakes. Sorry
for that.

  Jason Stryker
  jstryker at

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