Cairo 1.10 broken for nvidia users

Joe Marcus Clarke marcus at
Sun Nov 21 18:39:52 UTC 2010

On 11/21/10 1:02 PM, Michal Varga wrote:
> Hello,
> cairo 1.10 update introduces a terrible performance hit and other bugs
> for at least nvidia users. Workspace switching takes whole seconds,
> window scrolling tears and jumps, some applications take forever to just
> redraw, all depressed GTK buttons are drawn few pixels off, and this is
> probably just the start. Happens both with and without GL backend
> enabled.
> Downgrading to cairo-1.8.10_1,1 returns everything back to normal, could
> anyone else confirm?
> On related note, this might be of some importance, see further in the
> thread:
> Excerpts:
> "It seems cairo 1.10 causes the NVIDIA driver to hit lots of CPU
> fallback code. Using 1.8 returns performance back to normal on all
> fronts."
> "Fedora's cairo doesn't include cairo-1.10.0-buggy_gradients.patch, so
> file a bug with Fedora's bugzilla."
> Anyway, I didn't test the mentioned patch yet, as I need a working
> system atm, but planning to get to it eventually, if nobody else
> checks/confirms sooner.

Can anyone confirm this patch?  The patch can be downloaded from:


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