decoupling the nspr from nss

Wan-Teh Chang wtchang at
Thu Jan 19 14:07:03 PST 2006

Mikhail Teterin wrote:
> Hi, Wan-Teh!
> I noticed, that the nspr-4.6.1.tar.gz is _exactly the same_ as the nsprpub/ 
> subdirectory bundled with the nss.
> At the same time, nss-3.11.tar.gz is 5Mb, whereas the 3.10 was just over 3Mb. 
> Maybe, you could keep the nspr out of the nss tarball and simply list it as a 
> requirement in future releases?

In the future, I will do what you suggested, and
also provide nss-a.b-with-nspr-x.y.tar.gz for people
who want a fully buildable NSS source tree.  I don't
want to change nss-3.11.tar.gz now because it's been
published for a while.

> Gnome! FYI, I compared the nspr-4.6.1 with our nspr-4.6 and could not find 
> anything, that would change the binaries generated on FreeBSD -- the changes 
> seem to affect MacOS, RISCOS, and Windows only. I think, we can skip the 
> nspr-4.6.1 entirely.

Here is the NSPR 4.6.1 Release Notes, which list
all the changes since NSPR 4.6:

I recommend you upgrade to the latest patch release.
(That is, if you are using NSPR 4.6, you should upgrade
to the latest NSPR 4.6.x.)  But you can certainly read
the release notes or source code diffs and make your
own decision.

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