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Vladimir Grebenschikov vova at
Sat Mar 19 23:32:06 PST 2005

В сб, 19/03/2005 в 17:45 +0100, thurners at пишет:
>I´ve a cordless keyboard which has no leds for caps, num and scroll. I
>´ve tested the accessibility preferences for the keyboard and enabled
>toggle keys. Then the computer should beep ones if caps is activated and
>beep twice if it is deactivated. But it always only beeps once.
>Another solution that works is the lock keys applet.
>But it is not in the ports. Could anyone create a port?

Did you try xkbvleds utility from X distribution ?

Only problem with it - it can't be swallowed into gnome notification

Vladimir B. Grebenchikov
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