Problems building Firefox 1.0.r2 on FreeBSD 5.3 RC2

Joe Marcus Clarke marcus at
Sat Nov 6 12:57:48 PST 2004

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kevin godfrey wrote:
| Greetings,
| I am having issues with building from port, Firefox 1.0.r2 on my
| recently updated FreeBSD 5.3 RC2.
| Here is the output of uname -a:
| FreeBSD 5.3-RC2 FreeBSD 5.3-RC2 #1: Wed Nov  3
| 15:10:59 PST 2004     root at
|  i386
| The system was initially installed as 5.2 and each upgrade has pretty
| much gone smoothly.  This is the first problem I've really run into.
| I'm running Xorg as my xwindow server, with fluxbox-devel as the
window manager.
| When building firefox, the make runs with no issues.
| When I make install, it hangs right after it outputs "Building
| Chrome's registry..."
| Through a little detective work, I determined that it is hanging on
| the following line:
| # Instantiate the extension space as root.
| su - root -c "%%X11BASE%%/bin/xinit %%MOZDIR%%/
| ${FIREFOX} -install-global-extension -- %%X11BASE%%/bin/Xvfb :1001"
| That line seems to be the cause of the problems.  It never really
| executes properly.  I have tried running it manually as root from
| within an X session and from the comman line.  Each yields different
| results.  Neither work!
| What can I do to solve this problem?

What happens when you run the command manually?  What shell do you have
setup for root?


| Thanks for your time!
| -Kevin Godfrey
| ps - I am not subscribed to any of the lists and I apologize if this
| is the incorrect place to submit this question!  If it is, please let
| me know and I will resubmit the question where suggested.
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