raid3 is slow

Szabó Péter matyee at
Wed Mar 28 11:49:51 UTC 2007


I have a raid3 setup with 5 consumers. it seems everything is all right, but riad is very slow imho, but i don't have any reference.

Now i copy from raid3 to a single hdd 75GB data. Nothing else run, except ssh, and ftp. Before the copy my load is 0.1, after i star the copy the load is 2.92 or higher, and the machine is very slow. I think this is not normal, or is it?

My config is:
AMD Barton 2500+ with 1GB memory.

I stop the copy, load is 0.05, and start again, after a few seconds load is 2.02.

raid is used to download with torrentflux, but the downloads always stops because the high load.


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