geom_raid5 livelock?

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Sat Jan 13 17:43:25 UTC 2007

R. B. Riddick wrote:
> --- CyberLeo Kitsana <cyberleo at> wrote:
>> ...
> Possibly there happens an ENOMEM error, which would explain the repititions...
> A further debug line (it is again at debug level 2) before the current line
> 1165 (inside the inbed==children IF but in the end of it):
> G_RAID5_LOGREQ(bp, "[ready err%d cmp%jd]", obp->bio_error, obp->bio_completed);
> Or turn on "bootverbose"...
> For better data safety (e. g. in case of a power loss), I would recommend to
> reduce kern.geom.raid5.wdt to 0 or 1 (the lower the safer).
> For less memory consumtion I would use lower values for .maxmem and for
> .maxwql...

Good morning!

I'm not sure what error 5 is, but it looks ominous.

The first log shows two seconds of the first test, where only ad2s2 was 
showing up. The second log is after a restart of everything, and ad0s2, 
ad2s2, and ad6s2 show up, indicating that this most likely isn't just a 
drive, bus, or controller failure.

The machine is on a UPS, so power loss isn't too much of an issue. What 
other impacts would reducing kern.geom.raid5.wdt have?

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