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The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users.
These represent problem reports covering all versions including
experimental development code and obsolete releases.

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o kern/145024  emulation  [linux] [panic] kernel crash by linux.ko module with n
f kern/144763  emulation  [linux] [panic] Kernel panic when start linux binaries
o kern/144194  emulation  [linux] [patch] linuxulator: 2 exec bug fixes
o ports/142837 emulation  [patch] emulators/linux_base-* packages fails to insta
o kern/142082  emulation  [patch] [panic] linuxulator: getppid: use after free
o kern/141439  emulation  [linux] [patch] linux_exit_group kills group leader
o kern/140156  emulation  [linux] cdparanoia fails to read drive data
o kern/139423  emulation  [parallels] Networking does not work on amd64 guest on
o kern/138944  emulation  [parallels] [regression] Parallels no longer works in 
o kern/138880  emulation  [linux] munmap segfaults after linux_mmap2 stresstest
f ports/137332 emulation  add caution messages to some adobe products
s ports/136321 emulation  x11-toolkits/linux-pango: please update linux based po
o ports/136229 emulation  [linux] emulators/linux_base-f10: certain linux apps l
o ports/135337 emulation  [PATCH] emulators/linux_base-f10: incorrect bash usage
o kern/133144  emulation  [linux] linuxulator 2.6 crashes with nvidias
o kern/129169  emulation  [linux] [patch] Linux Emulation ENOTCONN error using n
o kern/126232  emulation  [linux] Linux ioctl TCGETS (0x5401) always fails
o kern/73777   emulation  [linux] [patch] linux emulation: root dir special hand
a kern/72920   emulation  [linux]: path "prefixing" is not done on unix domain s
o kern/41543   emulation  [patch] [request] easier wine/w23 support
o kern/39201   emulation  [linux] [patch] ptrace(2) and rfork(RFLINUXTHPN) confu
o kern/29698   emulation  [linux] [patch] linux ipcs doesn'work
o kern/21463   emulation  [linux] Linux compatability mode should not allow setu
o kern/11165   emulation  [ibcs2] IBCS2 doesn't work correctly with PID_MAX 9999

24 problems total.

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