problem with VBOX 3.1.6 on 8stable

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Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2010 16:30:08 -0700
From: Yuri <yuri at>
Subject: VirtualBox is still broken
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I still see VBox hanging the host system.
This time I was able to install Ubuntu-9.10, then I ran it and FreeBSD
hanged during Ubuntu system updates.

VBox worked fine before the late January. After this some kernel change
was checked in that caused immediate hangs. Later something changed and
now host OS hangs only after a while.

kernel module was rebuilt after the system update. nothing gets logged
in /var/log/messages.




Sorry to cross-post this, but I can confirm I am seeing this behavior on 
my system as well.

8 stable AMD64
Intel Core2 quad Q6700
I also have Intel Vx enabled in the BIOS

I am able to start multiple VM's, however after about an hour or so the 
FreeBSD host will "freeze" and require a reboot via the reset button.  I 
would be happy to provide more info to help solve the problem.  Any help 
is appreciated.


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