VirtualBox: vboxnetflt related problems

Juergen Lock nox at
Sun Oct 18 21:04:36 UTC 2009

In article <4ADB515A.4050309 at> you write:
>David Naylor wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Thanks for porting VirtualBox, it has proven most useful (no more slow RDC).  
>> I've found some problems relating to VirtualBox's bridged networking:
>> 1) loader doesn't pull in all the dependencies for vboxnetflt (kldload 
>> does) [missing dependencies: ng_ether]
>I couldn't figure out how properly depend on ng_ether, a simple
>MODULE_DEPEND does not work.  I guess it's because ng_ether doesn't
>declare MODULE_VERSION.  ng_ether *should* be loaded by the
>explicit kern_kldload, does this not happen on your system?
>> 2) even with the dependencies specified in loader.conf vboxnetflt fails to 
>> initialise on boot [module_register_init: MOD_LOAD (ng_vboxnetflt, 0xc0f44fd9, 
>> 0xc19bd6a0) error 22]
>There is a known issue where the vboxdrv module (and thus VirtualBox)
>sometimes fail to see that vboxnetflt is loaded - is this what you're
>seeing? or does vboxnetflt simply not load at all?
>vnoxnetflt should load fine even without ng_ether loaded.
>> 3) bridging doesn't work when connecting to bridge0 or tap0:
>> # netstat -w1 -I tap0
>>             input         (tap0)           output
>>    packets  errs      bytes    packets  errs      bytes colls
>>          0     0          0          0     0          0     0
>>          0     0          0          0     2        151     0
>> ...
>> This happen with and without giving tap0 an IP address.  
>This is because vboxnetflt uses ng_ether and the interaction between
>ng_ether/bridge/tap/vboxnetflt doesn't work.

Hmm, would it make sense to add back the tuntap code as a special
case for when someone selects a tap interface for `bridged'

 I haven't looked if thats even doable easily enough with all the
conditional compilation going on tho. (VBOX_WITH_NETFLT...)


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