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On Saturday 24 November 2007 14:59:02 Alexander Leidinger wrote:
> Quoting Thomas Abthorpe <tabthorpe at> (Fri, 23 Nov 2007 
11:34:12 -0500):
> > Is it feasible to integrate the change as requested by
> > into
> > emulators/linux_base-fc4?
> >
> > I have reviewed the Makefile, but alas, the magic of it eludes me,
> > otherwise I would have a suggestion for a PR.
> The linux_base doesn't create this directory. The linuxulator falls
> through to the FreeBSd /dev if it doesn't see the /compat/linux/dev. As
> you can read in the messages which are referenced there, some programs
> have problems with an existing /dev, some have a problem without. How
> do we decide which program to "fuck-up"? Currently I would suggest to
> print a message in citrix_ica which explains this issue. Or test if
> some popular ports (in the thread there was skype referenced as one of
> the programs which does not work well when creating the LINUXBASE/dev)
> work now when the directory exists.
> Better ideas to get it working by default for all are welcome.
> Bye,
> Alexander.

Thank you very much for the feedback, I will procede with the documentation 
route for now, until further research can yield a better solution.


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