x86_64 vs amd64 arch name for Eclipse

Stephane E. Potvin sepotvin at videotron.ca
Mon Aug 25 22:46:27 UTC 2008


I'd like to do a quick poll to check what is the opinion of the eclipse 
port users with regard to the subject. Currently, for reasons that I've 
not been able to figure out with certainty all the FreeBSD eclipse 
version use amd64 as the arch specifier. The eclipse platform itself 
uses x86_64 as the arch specifier for the other intel 64bit ports.

Would anyone see a problem with switching back the arch to x86_64 for 
eclipse-ganymede (and it's successors). There seems to be various places 
in the source code where assumptions are made that all intel x86 64bit 
platforms have an arch of x86_64. I tracked down a few of them but it 
seems that I overlooked some. I'm currently trying to add FreeBSD 
support to cdt 5.0 and the PDE builder keeps insisting that the 64bit 
fragments must be named foo.freebsd.x86_64.

If people feels strongly against switching to x86_64 I'll track the PDE 
problem down but I think it would be best to spend efforts somewhere 
else and follow prior art (the other x86_64 ports) in this case.

What's your opinion?


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