Eclipse 3.1_2 window problems

Panagiotis Astithas past at
Tue Sep 27 01:30:34 PDT 2005

Mark Hobden wrote:
> On 9/26/05, Panagiotis Astithas <past at> wrote:
>>The reason this patch was removed was to avoid treating FreeBSD
>>differently than other Unix systems, at the suggestion of an IBM
>>engineer. This is was he said:
>>"I intend to apply the patches to the launcher and SWT, but I have one
>>question. I've been worried about the use of "" vs
>>"" on *BSD vs Linux.  For shared libraries, the first
>>number is the major version number, and an unversioned .so link is
>>supposed to point at the current development version (it's what -l
>>uses).  We can't dlopen the .so on every platform because doesn't always
>>exist.  Under many Linux distributions, the .so symbolic link only
>>exists in the -devel package. I have heard that the library version
>>weirdness on FreeBSD is due to a libtool bug, and is fixed by an
>>"ltverhack" script at some point, but I have not been able to verify this."
>>In my tests I concluded that it was unnecessary and I received no
>>responses or complaints when I asked for testers. I'm glad that bringing
>>it back is a satisfactory solution to this problem, and I don't expect
>>any trouble from it, but I wonder whether there is some dlopen flag that
>>should be used instead.
> Hi Panagiotis,
> Firstly I must thank you for all the work you did getting FreeBSD to
> compile Eclipse, even with all the plugins I have installed and using
> it every day I have never had Eclipse 3.1 lock up on me.  :-)
> Sorry I missed your patch that must of been in the month or so before
> I subscribed to the Eclipse list.
> Now Eclipse was back to normal for me I thought I should have a look
> at the new gnome/gtk versions and it looks like the actual gtk
> libraries now seem to end in so.0 so when the gnome 2.12 gets imported
> into the ports tree (after the FreeBSD 6 release) it should not cause
> any problems to drop the patch again :-)

You are quite right about the new versioning in gnome 2.12, I confirmed 
it with the freebsd-gnome team. It looks like we can be like everyone 
else after that, if we choose to.

Thanks for your persistence with this,


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