Drivers and firmware for an Intel WiFi 1000 series network card

Vincent Hoffman vince at
Mon Mar 14 22:24:46 UTC 2011

On 14/03/2011 21:40, Jesse Smith wrote:
> Vince,
> Thank you for the quick reply. This seems to put me on the right track.
> I loaded the files you suggested and my wireless card now shows up in
> the output from ifconfig. I'm thinking this is a good sign.
> Unfortunately when I bring up the interface and scan for networks with
> it, it doesn't find my wireless LAN. I also notice the light on my
> laptop indicating the wireless device is working hasn't come on. I'm
> thinking maybe the driver is loaded, but not the firmware? At least
> based off my experience with Linux, that's my assumption.
> Where should I go to trouble-shoot this?
How familiar with wireless on freebsd are you? I will assume you are
running 8.x if you are running 7.x or lower things work a little
for 8.x you need to create the wlan device and associate it with the
physical interface, for iwn this would be
ifconfig wlan0 create wlandev iwn0
ifconfig wlan0 up scan
to scan for nearby access points.
The firmware for the card is contained in the iwnXXXXfw module you have
has a full description.

If you have done this already and are still having problems someone more
familiar with the iwn driver will probably have to help I'm afraid.
possibly try posting the output of ifconfig -a and the dmesg output from
when you loaded the modules.


> Thank you again,
> Jesse
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