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Tango moonlightakkiy at
Sat Oct 3 23:44:51 UTC 2009

I'm porting run (ru'N' not ru'M') driver and got stuck.

made it work (-encryption) 2 days ago. Yesterday, the same module
stopped working. I spent several hours, but I couldn't make it work.
Today, the module didn't work yesterday is working fine. In fact, I'm
sending this message by using that troublesome driver. If anyone know
what to look please let me know.

Here are details.
When it works, it works fine.
it doesn't work, scanning doesn't go well. When scan, it lists a few
neighbours' routers, but a router only 3 feet away. (That's my router.)
And, some time, it won't list any AP after scanning. When that happens, it seems I
need to unplug the USB dongule to get scanning works again. After
unplugging and plugging babck, neighbours' routers are listed again, but mine.
Based on LED and printf, scan starts and ends normally all the time. Just my router doesn't show up on the result.

Here are details of my network.
day-to-day-use computer, a sacrificial laptop, and a DD-WRT-loaded
wireless router are hooked up to a wired router. The sacrificial laptop
has trouble to find the DD-WRT-loaded wireless router. (Right at this moment
every thing is working fine.)

Any suggestions, thoughts, or guesses would be appreciated.

Thank you.

From: Tango <moonlightakkiy at>
To: freebsd-drivers at
Sent: Tuesday, September 22, 2009 12:13:22 AM
Subject: run driver

Hello everyone!

I have just decided to port openbsd's run driver (ru"N' not ru'M')
to freebsd since just-bought wusb54gc ver 3 doesn't work with rum (ver 0 is working fine with rum) and yelling at usb dongle won't make it to work.

If anyone has started porting please let me know.

Also, this is going to be my very first freebsd project. Any advice will be appreciated.

Wish me luck!

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