FreeBSD's minimum memory requirements.

Lowell Gilbert lgusenet at
Mon Aug 28 18:18:09 UTC 2006

nikolas.britton at (Nikolas Britton) writes:

> If you can think of anything else now is the time to speak up. It
> should be stressed that these memory requirements set the floor... Not
> all distribution sets and/or packages on the disc will install using
> the minimum amount of ram, for example kde-lite and gnome-lite
> packages will hang sysinstall unless you have 64MB ~ 128MB of ram,  I
> did not thoroughly test this so speak up now and I'll get you some
> numbers to work with.

And on the other side of the scale, custom install disks could work
with smaller amounts of RAM.  The amount of effort to test this
escalates rapidly, however, and I don't consider it worth that effort;
but it may be worth mentioning in the text.

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