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Peter Leftwich Hostmaster at Video2Video.Com
Fri Sep 9 23:17:10 UTC 2005

Hi everyone.  I was studying up on
which I have at home on two CD-Rs and which I plan to install this
weekend - hhooot whoot!!

Some suggestions for the webmaster.  Perhaps others
might find these useful as well?

[1] I think the URL above ought to have a sort of organized, list of
contents at the top such as

1.3 Topic1
1.4 Topic2
1.5 Topic-Or-FAQ-Question3...

The list would be a Table of Contents at the beginning, with each
section **hyperlinked** for easier, faster knowledge transference.

[2] I noticed that the links below are general instructions, but
maybe having two very similar documents throws off some people

[2] Lastly, some background - I came to the site seeking general
install recommendations, such as about suggested mountpoints and
slices (partition) ideology and sizes.  Has this been asked before? 
I have a 200GB HDD and no definite plan about setting up slices and

[3] Disk space required?  I realize the website gives minimum
recommendations such as 160mb and 24mb RAM for example.  Is it a
good idea to set up an OS-only slice / bare minimum / then have a
separate slice for my binaries and XFree86?

[4] FOUR is here as a great tip if you have not seen this page: great idea!!  but
it would be neat if each 'datasheet' or 'lab report' if you will,
linked to the product listed at an official company URL e.g.

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