Problems with mirrors.xml and advisories.xml

Hiroki Sato hrs at
Mon Jan 12 07:02:56 UTC 2004

Alex Dupre <ale at> wrote
  in <3FFFC217.3080001 at>:

ale> Hiroki Sato wrote:
ale> >   - If $WEB_ONLY is defined, mirrors.xml and transtable.xml is not used.
ale> >     A list of the mirror sites generated in index.html becomes a dummy one,
ale> >     and calling transtable-lookup with a word returns the word itself.
ale> >     Now www/ tree can be built without doc/ tree (some information becomes
ale> >     unavailable though).
ale> I think this should be slightly changed. It's ok that www could be built 
ale> without doc, but it shouldn't determined by the WEB_ONLY variable. On 
ale> freefall the web sites are built more often than the whole 
ale> documentation, right? If so, the localized sites will miss some 
ale> information most of the time. Even if freefall everytime rebuilds 
ale> everything, I think it would be useful to create complete web sites 
ale> without rebuilding all docs.

 You are right.  www/ is rebuilt with WEB_ONLY on
 twice a day, and WEB_ONLY should not generate useless HTML files.
 I also noticed that after I submitted the patch.
 I think I will define WITHOUT_DOC instead of WEB_ONLY for building
 www/ without doc/.

| Hiroki SATO
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