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> Luciano Evaristo Guerche said:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I have heard FreeBSD is quite comparable to Linux and that is a very
> > good free OS. I would not use / adhere to it just because the logo it
> > adopts. How can a christian install an OS whose logo is a demon in
> > his/her computer?
> Luciano, this topic is raised quite often actually.  The logo is not a
> "demon" in the evil satanic sense, it is a "daemon" - yes, it's red and
> has little horns, but it is not related in any way to any anti-religious
> meanings.
> Rest assured that MANY MANY christians (and other religious groups) use
> FreeBSD knowing there is no "demon" installed, only daemons (the programs
> that idle on your machine to keep things running, like linux, solaris, etc
> have also).
> Does that help?
> Eric


I understand your concern. I too am a christian. However, I have found no
evidence of any evil intent in any of the BSD materials. There is a good
explanation of the "daemon" at
Remember, the notion that Satan or any demon looks like a guy in a red suit
with a pointy tail and a pitchfork has no biblical basis. The use of the
logo is IMHO a matter of personal conviction. I use FBSD and will continue
to do so. I would like to some day host my own site using FBSD and will
advertise that it runs on FBSD. I probably will not use the logo but I do
not condemn those who do.

Happy computing,

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