Need help diagnosing Local OS authentication issue when running OracleXE Linux

Adrian Penisoara ady at
Wed Oct 22 23:38:37 UTC 2008


  I am working on a FreeBSD port for the OracleXE for Linux package
and I stumbled upon a collateral issue when testing the functionality
of OracleXE: I am unable to manually shutdown the TNS Listener
(running "lsnrctl stop"), since the listener's "Local OS
authentication" appears to malfunction.
  This feature prevents any other OS user but the user who initially
started the listener to execute administrative tasks on the listener,
including shutting down the listener. The listener process is a
background service and accepts commands through the standard 1521 TCP
port from the administration tool. I guess there is a problem when
"emulating" the Linux kernel/library calls related to OS credentials
for network sockets (?).

  Does anyone else have clues on this ?
  What would be the best way to proceed analyzing the issue -- e.g.
how should I trace the execution for the running listener process (and
eventually compare to a trace ran on a real Linux machine) ?

Thank you,
Adrian Penisoara
Ady (

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