Atheros 9280 issue

Sam Leffler sam at
Wed Sep 30 03:54:01 UTC 2009

Alex Dupre wrote:
> Sam Leffler wrote:
>>> Clients can connect to the AP, but obviously packets are dropped every
>>> time the card is reset.
>> How do you know packets are dropped?  Nothing should be lost.
> I'm pinging the access point from an associated wifi client: when this
> message appears one or two pings are lost. Previously, when such
> messages didn't appear, no pings were lost. Maybe the reply timeouts and
> is not completely lost, I'll do more tests asap.

I thought reset didn't lose any frames but perhaps not.  athdebug reset
should (I think) tell you if frames are lost.

>> "every few seconds" is not helpful.
> Actually the timing is highly variable, it may happen once a second,
> like once every 15 seconds or more. Usually (in the two hours I tried)
> every 2-5 seconds.
>> Look for something else in the
>> system that coincides w/ your msgs.  It's possible that periodic
>> calibration done by the driver has a bad effect; you can turn it off by
>> setting a sysctl (look at sysctl -a and/or the driver code).
> hw.ath.shortcal = 0, right?
> I'll try, I haven't done additional tests before knowing what would be
> useful for debugging.

Actually it looks like hw.ath.longcal=0 is what you want.


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