Kernel Build Knob for kgssapi_krb5?

Rick Macklem rmacklem at
Tue Oct 27 14:54:10 UTC 2009

On Tue, 27 Oct 2009, John Marshall wrote:

>>>> Also, is there a "getting started" or "how to test" page somewhere to
>>>> give us some clues to get this going?
>> Just fyi, although I can't avoid blame for the NFSD/NFSCL code, I
>> wasn't the author of the Kernel GSSAPI code, just a happy user.
>> Hopefully you'll find the wiki page useful. Feel free to add things
>> to it and/or email me with changes.
> Thank you!  Might I suggest that a link to this work from the FreeBSD
> wiki and the 8.0 Release Notes would be a good idea?  More people are
> going to want to know how to go about using/testing this now that it is
> included in a release.
Well, my understanding is that the freebsd wiki is for development only.
As for referencing it in Release Notes, I have no problem with that, but
I don't know how it's done? (I was hoping that the page would "mature"
as people start to use it and that "your favourite search engine would
find it". It's under "google" only because that's where I have free
source hosting, so it was a convenient place. ie. I'm not trying to
suggest that google should or shouldn't be your favourite search engine:-)


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