HEAD tty seems to drop characters

Thomas Backman serenity at exscape.org
Sun Aug 2 13:22:37 UTC 2009

On Aug 2, 2009, at 14:31, Ed Schouten wrote:

> Hi Kostik,
> * Kostik Belousov <kostikbel at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I run a screen(1), where I tried to copy large portion of output and
>> paste it into vi. This resulted in the loss of the characters at  
>> random
>> points inside the pasted text.
> I already took some time to investigate the issue. I have attached a
> patch that should already improve the situation:
> - write() on a pseudo-terminal master also accounted the data that was
>  read into the kernel, but couldn't be passed to the TTY (which is
>  likely to happen in non-blocking mode).
> - There was also a small unrelated issue; input on a TTY which has  
> been
>  configured in block (bypass) mode wouldn't set the input high water
>  mark.
> For some reason, the data loss doesn't occur when SSHing to myself
> multiple times, but still causes screen(1) to drop some bytes later  
> on.
> Even though it's always very easy to blame other applications, I  
> suspect
> this may be because I reduced the input buffer size from 8 KB to 2 KB
> per pseudo-terminal. Maybe screen(1) can't deal with this. To be
> investigated...

Hmm, so I'm guessing this is the reason I've had trouble with copying/ 
pasting backtraces the last few days (I ssh into the box, which runs  
screen). I have, AFAIK, not noticed anything else than newlines  
dropping, though (I usually end up with lines such as  
"zfs_suspend_fs() at zfs_suspend_fs+0x2bzfs_ioc_recv() at zfs_ioc_recv 

Also, do you know when this issue first appeared? I think I've been  
experiening this for more than a week or so, probably a lot longer  
(2-4 weeks? even longer)... could be sketchy memory, though.


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