did gbde on swap destroy some boot sectors?

Eugene eugene3 at web.de
Thu Jul 29 11:28:14 PDT 2004

 >> but now what happened? why couldnt it boot again?! the last thing i
 >> did was enabling gbde encryption on my swaps... and swap are the
 >> first label on each of the 3 drives...
 >> i suspect gbde on swap broke something...
 >> im i wrong or can someone check this please?
 > It's definitely something to look at.. I can't imagine why this
 > should happen, except disklabel issue: where was the swap located
 > and what letter?  Did it happen the same on 3 drives?  If no, were
 > the disklabels the same?

my swap labels are the following ones...


and they are located at the very beginning of all hard drives for speed 

of course should gbde or swap or any other unwanted code write to the 
boot sector, to some inodes or whatever...

but what happened was: i enabled gbde on swap... and after the next 
crash the machine disnt boot again...

i update world and kernel (synchronously) at a high rate to be able to 
support -current with bugreports and to enjoy some cutting enge 

until the crash on jul-20 the system was as discussed on the mailinglist 
very unstable for about 2 weeks... crash/freeze/etc...

but after i reinstalled everything after that final crash and this time 
with -O instead of -O2 in the Makefile (and without gbde swap) no single 
crash occured, i was more than surprised... maybe the -O2 does break 
more than you may guess - on the other hand maybe someone finaly fixed 
the instabilities and i couldnt thank this hacker enough for that good 

but maybe someone else experience[d|s] problems with gbde swap... and 
those one may add to this thread and help fixing an issue, wich may be 

i cant sleep without knowing why it stopped booting...

oh and the other drives were ok it seems... only the first one...
/ could only be mounted my rescure with "mount -f"

/ is my 2nd label if u look at the harddrive from track 0 upwards ;-)

maybe the bootsectors were ok, but the kernel or / was trashed... but 
still that shouldnt happen...

it was: F1 FreeBSD... and nothing more... whatever keystroke i typed...


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