Google Chrome

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Tue Sep 9 09:03:15 UTC 2008

> I just double-checked the thread, I could not see someone mentioning it:
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> When you type URLs or queries in the address bar, the letters you type are
> sent to Google so the Suggest feature can automatically recommend terms or
> URLs you may be looking for. If you choose to share usage statistics with
> Google and you accept a suggested query or URL, Google Chrome will send
> that information to Google as well. You can disable this feature as
> explained here.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> If I read it correctly:
> _Every_ time you type into your ('conveniently' combined) URL/search
> field, it gets immediately send to Google.

every time you use ports/net/tor - they get confused :))))

> In other words: Google can record your webbrowsing.


> Well, some consolidation: you _can_ disable it.
disable this feature or disable sending?

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