Michael Hernandez sequethin at
Wed Sep 5 10:59:56 PDT 2007

On Sep 5, 2007, at 12:44 PM, deeptech71 at wrote:

> Hi Matt, I'm wondering how many people are behind the Mall, what  
> the order statistics are, and how much the income is. If the Mall  
> is just a secondary job, and you donate a considerable excess  
> amount, then I have to respect, but also criticize that. The good  
> thing is about *you* supporting the Project, is that *you* can  
> chose what parts of development to encourage. If you donate raw  
> cash, they will spend it on ice cream ;), if you donate a piece of  
> hardware, they will utilize that thing for testing, which is good  
> if your company relies heavily on FreeBSD driver efficiency and  
> stability for that type of piece. However, if you really encourage  
> advertising FreeBSD, you should make promo stuff as cheap as possible.

All the while you can still download the releases for free so what  
are you complaining about anyway? At first I thought you were just  
asking a question and trying to gain insight but now I see you're  
just trolling. I don't really understand what you are trying to gain  
through this ranting. If you want to use FreeBSD, you can, and for  
free. Same for NetBSD, OpenBSD, various distributions of Linux......  
what's the problem? You can't realistically expect to get everything  
for no cost. Or maybe you need clarification between the terms - Free  
does not necessarily mean "at no cost to you" (although as you know  
you can still download and use FreeBSD at virtually no cost to you....)

--Mike H

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