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Wed Jun 8 04:31:56 GMT 2005

On Jun 7, 2005, at 10:29 PM, Duo wrote:

>> Mac-only monitor? One only has to look back a little bit for the  
>> "17  inch Apple Studio LCD". Has an Apple-only digital video  
>> interface.   Is damn cool. One cable has everything including  
>> power, USB, and a  couple of control switches which are apparently  
>> light sensors. Only  one plug at the end of the cable. Does a lot  
>> for cleaning up cable  clutter.
> Yeah, the DVI is nice. But, like Firewire, there are DVI cards for  
> PC's. Unlike the old style Mac only monitors, which used the old  
> Apple 9 (?) pin cable.

My Dual G4-867 has whatever ATI 9xxx upgrade option Apple offered.  
One DVI port for one display, and one "ADC" port for another. The  
Apple 17" Studio Display requires the ADC, Apple Display Connector,  
which includes power, USB, video, everything. Is the ADC of which I  
speak, not DVI.

Original Macintosh color CRTs used a plain DB15 connector rather than  
the "lets invent something new" high density 3-row 15 pin connector  
introduced for VGA. Otherwise there was very little difference. One  
used 0.6 volts drive, the other 0.7. Later VESA (?) enhanced VGA  
standards with a means of identifying a monitor's capabilities over  
the interface cable.

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