MeetBSD - Polish BSD conference

Krzysztof Sroka krsr at
Mon Oct 25 04:40:10 PDT 2004

Just in case someone will be interested.

MeetBSD - Polish BSD conference will be held on 27th of November in Cracow.

Topics include:
 - FreeBSD/PowerPC for embedded systems
 - FreeBSD + WiFi: security, tools, wardriving, possibilities & rough AP 
 - Report on FreeBSD 5.x
 - BGP blackholing
 ... and more :-)

Exact agenda is still under formation.

All the speaches will be in Polish.

Prices: 80 PLN (Polish Zlotys) till 10-11-2004
   130 PLN after 10-11-2004
10 PLZ = ~2.32 EUR = ~2.97 USD

More information (in Polish) on

Krzysztof Sroka
(I'm not affiliated with conference organizators, for details
write to: tomasz.dudzisz {@} )

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