kern/86525: FreeBSD 6.0BETA5 hangs after boot up system

Robert Watson rwatson at
Mon Sep 26 02:14:29 PDT 2005

Synopsis: FreeBSD 6.0BETA5 hangs after boot up system

State-Changed-From-To: open->feedback
State-Changed-By: rwatson
State-Changed-When: Mon Sep 26 09:12:29 GMT 2005
You seem to have accidentally excluded the dmesg output from your system,
anything special about your kernel configuration, etc, from this bug
report.  Could you add them?

If you're able to build a custom kernel for the box, could you build one
that includes:

options	KDB
options	DDB

and see if a console break or serial break can get you into the debugger?
You can find an introduction to setting up for kernel debugging in the
handbook.  If you can get into the debugger using a break, then there's
a good chance this can be debugged by e-mail.

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