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Max Laier max at love2party.net
Mon Oct 4 03:41:46 PDT 2004

On Monday 04 October 2004 12:14, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
> I think somebody® should start to look at our kernel configuration
> mechanism now so that we can have something better for 6.x.
> I am sure that there are 257 ways to do this much better and that
> at least 5% of these solutions involve XML and 10% involves java
> and graphical userinterfaces, and at least a 24 bit colorspace for
> the bikeshed.
> I think a lot can be done with some very simple changes, and I think
> more userfriendly tools can be written on top of any sensible "run
> this ascii-file through this too" model, so lets try to leave the
> rocket science out of this for now and just improve on the scheme
> we all know and love.

Well spoken!

> I would love to see a dedicated band of merry men go off in a corner
> somewhere and "just do it"®  Any takers ?

Seem like a good EuroBSDCon BoF/Devsummit topic etc. ...

> Here is a strawman to think about:

Yes, this would create something I liked to call "meta-options" in former 
discussions on this topic.

Yet, there is a bit more to it. It would (imo) also involve some thinking 
about the way we build modules (there is a TODO item "revised kld build 
infrastructure" that seems to cover that part) and maybe also a bit of 
reorganization/coalescence of the opt_*.h include mechanism ...

I have thought about this a bit already, so I'd like to help (if my babbling 
makes sense to you ;)

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