[freebsd-amd64] Re: Possible 3ware 8506-12 SATA Controller issues...

mike mike at mike2k.com
Thu Jun 24 09:27:29 GMT 2004

I switched to debian-amd64 today. Better utils compatibility and poor
faith this will be resolved ASAP was the main decision.

It sounds like Paul will help out get the 8xxx series rolling, but I
wasn't sure if he'd have time or ability to make sure the 9xxx series ran.

I had a minor kernel tweak in linux 2.6.7 (newest kernel) but the 2.6
kernel driver sources worked fine. Much easier than trying to get the
FreeBSD ones to work under 5.2.1-RELEASE AMD64.

Even when I did get it to "compile" into the fbsd kernel, it seemed like
any time I wanted to do anything with it - newfs, try mounting, etc, it
would lock up.

On Wed, 23 Jun 2004, Peter Losher wrote:

> On Tuesday 22 June 2004 07:56 pm, Vinod Kashyap wrote:
> > I'm sorry I forgot to answer that.  There are some recent changes
> > in -CURRENT's twe, which I wanted you to try.
> An update:  Thanks to Paul Saab, I have a -CURRENT twe driver that
> compiles under 5.2.1.  It compiled, and runs fine.  However, like
> before, the system still locks up hard under heavy I/O load.  In this
> case, copying a deep directory tree using thousands of inodes, and
> removing a similar tree at the same time.
> Any ideas?  Mike - have you had any success in stressing your 9000 series
> card?
> -Peter
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