freebsd-amd64 threading issue

Justin Hopper jhopper at
Wed Jun 23 05:15:18 GMT 2004


I haven't seen any further talk about the threading problem running
MySQL on freebsd-amd64.  Has anyone made any more progress on this?  We
are due to receive our first Dual or Quad Opteron box here shortly, and
I'm concerned I will not be able to run freebsd-amd64, as the box will
need all the DB horsepower it can get.  Is it an option to run
freebsd-i386 on the Opteron hardware?  It would be a shame to run i386
on it, but I can't have the MySQL daemon using only 1 CPU.

Has anyone tracked down where exactly the problem lies, either in the
threading library or perhaps in the way that MySQL is using the
library?  Is there any other multi-threading applications that somebody
could run on freebsd-amd64 to see if it's the threading library that is
the problem?  I'll be able to run my own tests when the box arrives, but
I'll have little time to test before I have to push the box into
production, running some OS that can give good performance on MySQL
(really hoping it will be freebsd...)

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