Status web page?

Sean McNeil sean at
Wed Jun 9 08:06:04 GMT 2004

Sorry for the newbie question:  I've looked and I see the link.  I've also read through the
mailing list archives, googled, etc.  I know there are people working on
particular functionality for amd64, but I have no idea how things are
going, what are the issues, or how I could possibly contribute to the
effort.  I have interests in the following:

kernel loadable modules.  Tried to enable building them and got my sound
driver to actually detect, but it didn't work or create dev nodes.

i386 compatability.  Actually used this minimally to install amd64 on
top of an existing i386 functioning system.  What an experience.  Seems
like a lot of it is functional, just some polishing and fine-tuning. 
Then again, I didn't use it much so I can't really say.

Linux compatability.  I've read emails about a possible Linux/amd64
compatability.  The old grey matter is failing me, though, about the
details.  Don't recall anything about Linux/i386 other than, perhaps, a
mention in passing in emails.  My guess is that once i386 compatability
is mature enough, Linux/i386 compat should follow relatively soon
after.  Don't have a clue about Linux/amd64 compatability.

Java.  This one I'm very interested in.  I've managed to compile the
SableVM and I am going to try it out, but the thing I'm really
interested in is Eclipse and my first shot at this was a disaster.  I
would love to help to make this happen.  I really don't care if it is
native, i386 compat, or Linux compat.  I'm also looking at possibly
running it with gcj/git.

Are there status pages for these various efforts?  If so, it there a
centralized linking page to them?  If not, would the platform page be a
good place to collect such information?

I use to work with Linux a lot, then I fell in love with
FreeBSD-stable.  After a while, I wanted to do more with my box and
moved to FreeBSD-current.  Now, I have an amd64 machine and I've very
pleased with how everything is coming together.  If there is anything I
can do to help accelerate this, I am eager to assist.


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