Hi Guys

Boris Kochergin spawk at acm.poly.edu
Wed May 13 20:44:05 UTC 2009

Sylvio César Teixeira Amorim wrote:
> I have one laptop Dell Latitude E4300 with FreeBSD-8-Current, The
> temperature of the processor is very high when I'm compiling the kernel, I
> get to stay with 88 Celsius, how do I force a download this temperature?
> Att,
> Sylvio Cesar.
The short thread at 
might be useful, both for the patch to introduce a debug.cpufreq.highest 
sysctl, which you can use in conjunction with powerd(8) to prevent the 
system from being clocked higher than a particular frequency, and for 
the instructions on how to override the passive cooling threshold.


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