suspend/resume improved?

Eric Anderson anderson at
Sun Dec 12 13:37:03 PST 2004

Nate Lawson wrote:
> Eric Anderson wrote:
>> I just tried this patch (my laptop is having similar responses) - no 
>> change. I'm off to adding some manual debug code to the acpi source 
>> files you mentioned in an earlier email.
>> I can't seem to find Warner's beep code patch though - do you have a 
>> pointer?
> I dug this out of Warner's p4 tree, as written by Takanori Watanabe 
> (attached).  I'll commit this at some point under a kernel option so it 
> can be enabled for testing.  For now, just use the patch.

Thanks - I'll play with this.  So far, what I've found is that my 
machine reboots executing this line:

  Status = AcpiHwRegisterWrite (ACPI_MTX_DO_NOT_LOCK, 

What's the next step? Should I bother going through the case statements 
in hwregs.c to see if I can nail what's doing it, or do you maybe have 
some hints?  It's painfully slow rebuilding kernels and testing them 
each time.. :)


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