suspend/resume improved?

Vladimir Egorin vladimir at
Wed Dec 8 12:38:41 PST 2004

On Mon, Dec 06, 2004 at 05:49:06PM -0800, Nate Lawson wrote:
	> Eric Anderson wrote:
	> >Nate Lawson wrote:
	> >
	> >>I made a commit over the weekend to -current that may fix some 
	> >>suspend/resume driver issues for people.  Please test and let me know 
	> >>if it helps.
	> >
	> >Will these changes also apply to -stable users?
	> In about a day when I MFC.
	> >Nate - I'd like to help you debug some S3 issues - I've read the ACPI 
	> >debugging page and I'll start playing with what I can - but is there 
	> >anything in particular I should work with?  I'm running 5.3-STABLE with 
	> >the acpi patches that were posted about a month ago to the -acpi list.
	> It's pretty straightforward but arduous work.  First strip down your 
	> system, removing all drivers except for the hard drive and keyboard (no 
	> USB, network, etc.)  Don't run X.  Try S3.  If it works, add back in 
	> drivers until it fails.
	> If it fails, try to find out where it fails.  Does it truly make it to 
	> sleep or does it immediately resume?  Add the beep code Warner posted a 
	> while back to the resume code and see if you get a beep.  If you get a 
	> beep but a dead system, it's something in driver resume.  Try to enable 
	> the network driver and ssh into your system after resume.  If it works, 
	> it's a video driver problem and you need to mess with resuming the VESA 
	> BIOS.  Don't run DRM with X.

Thanks for these instructions.   I hoped for a while to get
suspend/resume working on my desktop (Asus P4P8X, P4 2.0).
I've finally narrowed the problem to sk driver (for a built-in
ethernet).  Any attempt to use the network after resume (even
typing "ifconfig") results in a hard lockup, I cannot enter the
debugger from the console.


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