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Garance A Drosihn drosih at
Mon Jan 26 11:13:48 PST 2004

At 6:56 AM -0600 1/26/04, Jacques A. Vidrine wrote:
>Seriously, if we were talking about 4.x I might have more
>sympathy, but I believe this is an appropriate behavior to
>change in a 5.x release.
>Apparently the CVS developers also felt this was an appropriate
>change for minor point release.
>Finally, there was overwhelming support for this change:  over
>the past month I've received several requests for it;  and RE
>received several requests to incorporate the change in 5.2.1.

I have no objection to the change, but it does seem to me that
*any* change to a "security" branch deserves to be mentioned
in UPDATING.  I do not agree that we should ignore that policy
simply because this is a "5.x-release" branch.

[aside: actually, I think it would be more appropriate to call
these something like "safe" branches, but that's a bikeshed of
a different color...]

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